Membership Benefits & Requirements

Member Benefits:

Being a member of the Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley is pretty awesome on its own, but you also get:

  1. member profile on the Young Pros website here. That includes a link to your website, contact information, and a bio. (These are all good things for your search rankings, should you be interested in things like that.)
  2. Access to the private Facebook discussion board. This is a place for members to share information, business needs/requests, jobs, etc.

* All Young Pro meetings are open to the public! You do not have to be a member to attend any/all meetings, but the above perks are available to you as an active member, should you choose to utilize them.

Member Requirements:

To become a member of (and maintain membership with) the Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley, we have a pretty simple Membership Guideline. Defined in 2017, this is our only requirement to being a member:

  1. Attend 6 out of 10 meetings.

That’s it!

“What if I can’t make 6 meetings a year?”

If for whatever reason you’re unable to make 6 meetings in a year, you can volunteer for a shift at Tunes on Tuesday to make up a missed meeting. (Volunteering for one shift at Tunes on Tuesday will make up one missed meeting.)

Tunes on Tuesday is an 8-week summer concert series presented by the Young Pros. Support from the Young Pros members is vital to its success, and the whole Tunes on Tuesday committee is made up of Young Pros! If you’d like to get involved, get in touch with the committeeLike and follow Tunes on Tuesday on Facebook for updates. 

“How do I volunteer for Tunes on Tuesday?”

If you’d like to volunteer for a Tunes on Tuesday shift, you can sign up on the Tunes on Tuesday website here

When you volunteer at Tunes on Tuesday, be sure to email the Young Pros secretary (Chelsea Stude) to let us know that you would like to replace a missed meeting and it will be counted in attendance. You can email her at [email protected]. Attendance will be confirmed with the Tunes on Tuesday committee. 

“When is membership determined?”

Attendance is calculated twice a year. If a member is not in good standing, they will be removed from the Young Pros website and the Young Pros Facebook discussion group.

“I’m new to Young Pros. When do I become a member?”

After your first two visits, you’ll receive an email from us. We’ll gather information from you for the members’ profile page and add you to the Facebook discussion group. Be sure to check in at each meeting to ensure we have your contact info!

If you have any questions, let us know. We look forward to seeing you at the next Young Pros meeting! See our upcoming meeting schedule here.