Name Tommy PatersonTommy_YoungPro

Title CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™                                    

Business Wickman Paterson Corrigan

Location McMinnville

City you live in McMinnville

First Job Washing Car’s at Chuck Colvin Ford

Dream Job Living it.  Getting the opportunity to invest in the lives of families and business in our community is a great feeling.  I feel honored that our business has been in McMinnville for 43 years serving families.  It’s my dream to continue that legacy for another 40 plus years.

Favorite Happy Hour/Tasting Room/Bar in the Valley The Old Oak

Best Restaurant in the Valley Nick’s Italian Cafe

Finish this sentence…”I know this makes me sound old but…” I remember when my family 1) had a pre-paid long distance calling card 2) transitioned to one cell phone that was never on…only used for emergencies and remained in our car’s glove box.

The worst movie I have ever seen is… I have not seen it, but based on the title alone…Sharknado.  Totally a good guess.  The sequel might be worse though…

Advice for my high-school self Take English and grammar classes seriously.  Apparently being able to articulate your thoughts on paper and to others can be a valuable business asset.  One day you will learn about “spell check” but it will only fix words it can remotely correlate to actual words (issue resolved by marrying someone far smarter than I).  Wise men marry smart women…

Group/organization/demographic you are most driven to help Families and youth in our community.  Young Life, McMinnville Kiwanis and McMinnville Downtown Association.

When I have a day off I…  Spend time with my wife and daughter exploring the many playgrounds our community offers.  Maybe mix in a round or two of golf.

When I have an out-of-town visitor, the top 3 things they should do in Yamhill Valley are…

  1. Visit 3rd street & eat in as many restaurants as possible
  2. Visit Linfield College
  3. Play a round of golf with Tommy

Yamhill Valley really needs… An outdoor amphitheater…it would be great to have a family friendly place to stretch out on the grass have a picnic while listening to live music or on summer nights gathering with family and friends to watch movies outside.

Twitter:  @tommy_wpc.

Tommy Paterson was one of my favorite people in middle school.  Yeah – middle school is usually pretty gross and dumb.  But, every morning in 7th grade, in homeroom, Tommy would be kind to everyone and listen to my drama even though he would be tired from all his athletics and stressed out over school work (not his favorite though he was very diligent).  I imagine it can be difficult to be one of the top athletes in your grade and remain down-to-earth, but Tommy never had a problem with that.  It was clear that he had lots of talent, lots of heart, and lots of goals on the horizon.  The fact that Tommy has returned to McMinnville with his perfect wife Chelsea and absolutely fall-over ADORABLE daughter Brooklyn to root down his business couldn’t make me any happier for my home town.  Tommy is clearly a fantastic father, great husband, and committed business man.  I think it’s safe to say to that you could trust him with your investments, children, and political views.  McMinnville is going to see a lot from Tommy Paterson as he makes his way up the ranks in our valley.