Name Ossie Bladine                        Ossie

Title News Editor

Business News-Register

Location McMinnville

City you live in McMinnville

First Job Newspaper delivery boy

Dream Job Music Supervisor for movies OOOOOH NICE

Favorite Happy Hour/Tasting Room/Bar in the Valley I like to get around

Best Restaurant in the Valley Pura Vida (next to Community Plate)

Finish this sentence…”I know this makes me sound old but…” I’m ready to be retired

The worst movie I have ever seen is… Gummo (link to trailer since I had no idea what this was)

Advice for my high-school self Go travel

Group/organization/demographic you are most driven to help Bored kids

When I have a day off I… Golf

When I have an out-of-town visitor, the top 3 things they should do in Yamhill Valley are…  Do some wine tasting, go to the Blue Moon, and attend Ossome Pub Trivia

Yamhill Valley really needs…  An awesome miniature golf course

I have known Ossie since we were in middle school.  He was a friend of my brother Goo (Gordon Coats).  Ossie was a Floater super fan (a band my mom managed), and we saw him at tons of shows.  He has always LOVED live music, acted like he is cooler than everyone, and been swagged out in his casual clubhouse wear (slip-on shoes for sure).  Ossie pulls off the “I may live in my mom’s basement” look all the while bossing hard in his super duper grown up bossy job at the NR.  Ossie is bringing live  music to Mac in a BIG way.  His baby is the Walnut City Music Festival.  Young Pros support the festival this August at the Grain Station downtown McMinnville.  ALMOST FORGOT – Ossie runs Ossome Pub Trivia.  His Facebook will let you know all the goodness.  There is a monthly tour of spots to catch him at.  Ossie just married an incredibly lovely woman and are expecting their first child.  Small town cuteness all over the place.