Name: Nathan Knottingham270826_10200331904116057_1625834808_n


Business: McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC if you’re cool)

Location: McMinnville, OR

City you live in: Salem (for now)

First Job: Labor for a Wholesale Nursery in Silverton (I was 12, man I miss those good ole days)

Dream Job: This…what I’m doing right now…this is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Favorite Happy Hour/Tasting Room/Bar in the Valley: I plead the 5th.

Best Restaurant in the Valley: Again, picking one is impossible…really depends on my mood and what my wife wants to eat. NICE

Finish this sentence…”I know this makes me sound old but…” I had a yellow sport Sony Walkman that I bought with my chore money, after splitting a pile of wood when I was 11.  Gave me my mustache.

The worst movie I have ever seen is: Forgettable, so forgettable in fact that I can’t even think of one to write down here.

Advice for my high-school self: Just don’t say anything…keep your mouth shut because you really don’t know what you’re talking about.  THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST ANSWER EVER

Group/organization/demographic you are most driven to help: kids, reading, education, music, stuff like that.

When I have a day off I: work around the house, do my “honey do list,” be the hero for my children, play my bass, lounge…

When I have an out-of-town visitor, the top 3 things they should do in Yamhill Valley are… the Air and Space Museum, all the parks around here, walk 3rd Street in McMinnville

Yamhill Valley really needs… I’m not sure yet.  But I’m open to suggestions.

Additional info:  I’m all about relationships.  Most of the good things in my life have come through people I know and remembered me at the right time, and most of the bad times in my life have been minimized by people I know and them remembering me.  So I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Web Site:

I met Nathan after I heard from Brooke Anderson that the new CEO of the Mac Chamber was a “young guy” (no offense Phil!!!).  I said, “SHUT UP, that’s awesome.”  She mentioned that she didn’t know much about him but that he is really into sitting down with people, making connections, and totally into the Young Pros idea.  BAM.  It was all true.  Nathan met me for coffee, listened to me not shut up, fielded questions about his intentions with his position, and promised to not set his own agenda, but to make the agenda of our community his agenda.  I LOVED it.  And then – after I talked about Young Pros, he mentioned his vast involvement with the Salem Young Pros and he said he would support us and certainly not tell me what to do.  BINGO.  Again with the great answers.  Nathan hosted the MACC New Member Orientation breakfast the other morning and he talked about maximizing the usage of the MACC website for us members and the education portion rolling out.  What sold me if I wasn’t before was his description of networking.  He said (basically) “I don’t like the idea that networking is exchanging business cards.  Like I have to do business with you because you gave me your card.  I’d rather develop a relationship and then choose to do business together.”  SOLD.  Welcome to McMinnville Nathan, you’re going to do great things in our valley!  

-Kristen, Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley Chair