Name: Nate  TraversNate Travers

Title: Owner Rendered  Screen  Print  &  Design

Business Location: 111  S.  College  St.,  Newberg

City  you  live  in: Newberg

First  Job: Dining  Room  Staff,  Friendsview  Manor

Dream  Job: Working  for  myself  /  My  current  job

Favorite  Happy  Hour/Tasting  Room/Bar  in  the  Valley: Now,  Ruddick/Wood

Best  Restaurant  in  the  Valley: Maybe  not  the  best,  but  my  favorite  is  Crescent  Cafe (too cool for a website) 

Finish  this  sentence…”I  know  this  makes  me  sound  old  but…” I  remember  installing  my  first

56k  Modem,  and  CD  ROM  Drive.

The  worst  movie  I  have  ever  seen  is… Snakes  on  a  Train  (yes,  Train)

Advice  for  my  high-­‐school  self:  Break  some  rules  once  in  a  while.

Group/organization/demographic  you  are  most  driven  to  help: My  friends  causes,  and people  my  own  age.

When  I  have  a  day  off  I… What  is  a  day  off?!  If  I  did  I’d  build  things  with  my  dad at  his  woodshop.

When  I  have  an  out-­‐of-­‐town  visitor,  the  top  3  things  they  should  do  in  Yamhill  Valley  are… Food,  wine  &  art.  We  have  such  an  amazing  abundance  of  the  three  that  you  could  eat  and  drink  your way  through  a  weekend  easily.

Yamhill  Valley  really  needs… More  craft  beer,  more  food,  and  more  young  people.

Nate is the first person I did business with in Newberg when I bought my studio.  He immediately plugged me into the chamber of commerce, then a committee, then his friendship was mine forever!!!  Nate has grown Rendered from an idea – to a tiny garage – into his new shop into a multifaceted and very successful marketing, promotions, design, and screen print biz in less than 5 years.  He is much like the mascot of what a Young Pro is in Newberg.  Nate has branched out to the wine industry and therefore reaches beyond Newberg and has his finger on the pulse of what those people in Carlton are doing, those bike-freaks in Portland, and the totally awesome new things happening in our valley.  Nate often says to me, “Have you heard of the new (blah) going in?  So-and-so is doing it and it’s going to be rad.”  Nate is sort of the epicenter of young happenings in Newberg and if you don’t know him yet, you should.  Stop by his shop on First Friday Artwalk and have a beer with him.  You’ll love him.  You’ve seen his face on shirts…he is the one, the only, Nate Travers.  

Nate is an active member of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce and Newberg Early Bird Rotary.