Name Lauren Wylie, “Wylie”Lauren  Wiley

Title Owner/Designer

Business ABOVE the press, creative media

Location Oregon Wine Country

City you live in Newberg

First Job Babysitting the worst kid I’ve ever experienced

Dream Job What I’m doing now

Favorite Happy Hour/Tasting Room/Bar in the Valley Ruddick/Wood Tavern (we are meeting here in Feb!) 

Best Restaurant in the Valley Hands down, the Painted Lady. I’m gitty and honored to be doing the branding for my favorite restaurant! BADASS!

Finish this sentence…”I know this makes me sound old but…” I really love music on vinyl records, that also makes me sound like a hipster.

The worst movie I have ever seen is… A series of student films I had to endure when I was in film school.

Advice for my high-school self Stop obsessing/caring about what these 100 people in your high school think. You will never talk to 99% of them ever again. Just rock who you are.

Group/organization/demographic you are most driven to help The arts. I was really lucky to have an incredible art teacher in high school. I wouldn’t be doing what I do now without Mrs. Brown. Since the arts has always been the first thing cut in schools, I constantly see the ripple effect of those lack of resources. People no longer associate themselves with art, artists or creating. Our culture will continue to spiral down a culture-less white wall unless we ramp up the creative arts in our schools and communities. Everyone is an artist, they just don’t know it yet.

When I have a day off I… Day off? Are you kidding? Unfortunately those are few and far between, but when I do get a day off I get away from the valley and explore the rest of Oregon.

When I have an out-of-town visitor, the top 3 things they should do in Yamhill Valley are… Kayak the Willamette, Wine Tasting (of course) but at boutique by appointment only wineries, spend a day in downtown McMinnville’s 3rd Street.

Yamhill Valley really needs… More young single professionals. Yes, the dating pool could be larger, but single young professionals are the ones that sustain our businesses year round, the set cultural trends within communities and they bring economic growth. The greatest neighborhoods in PDX weren’t established by older citizens, they were restored by dreamers and doers who saw possibility and were willing to take huge risks. ditto X 10! Well said Lauren. 

“Rain or Shine, you still love Oregon Wine Country!”

February – March 2015
an off season campaign for all of the Northern Willamette Valley

Launching January 2, 2015

The best time to access all of Oregon Wine Country is during the off season. Visitors receive a more personalized experience with less traffic to wineries, restaurants and lodging. Often times visitors get to meet the people and personalities that make our Northern Willamette Valley a global destination.

To reward those who weather the weather, the Rain or Shine program provides incentives and discounts at various levels of participation for individuals and groups to explore the Northern Willamette Valley.


February – Newberg & Dundee   |   March – McMinnville, Carlton & Dayton

Participating restaurants will be offering special menus for those who dine at their establishment during their specified dining month.


Estimated passport costs: $25, $50, $75 & $100

Covering all of the northern Willamette Valley wine country, pick and choose from a four levels of passports giving you access to discounted tasting fees and purchases.


Build and bundle an entire experience and purchase online for a larger discount than if purchased individually. These packages include lodging, dining, tour services and shopping discounts.


Specific weekends will be centered around visiting and enjoying a full slate of events the downtowns of Newberg, Carlton and McMinnville.

To learn more email