We are excited to launch our member profiles.   Valley, meet your Young Pros… one at a time, overtime.


Name: Ben Jaquith 470911_414229445262781_956772116_o

Title: Secret Agent Man

Business: Ben Jaquith Agency – American Family Insurance

Location: 814 E First St, Newberg, OR 97132

City you live in: Newberg, OR

First Job: Farm Boy

Dream Job: Have it.  (Also… Getting a good nights sleep. Dream Job, get it?)  🙂

Favorite Happy Hour/Tasting Room/Bar in the Valley: Wherever my friends are.

Best Restaurant in the Valley: Wherever I’m on a date with my wife… (also Subterra)

Finish this sentence…”I know this makes me sound old but…”: I’m sorry, what was the question again?

The worst movie I have ever seen is…: Still searching… but I’m a big fan of worst movies.

Advice for my high-school self: There is ALWAYS a cop on EVERY road. GOOD ADVICE.

Group/organization/demographic you are most driven to help: Youth.

When I have a day off I…: Sleep… & Family.

When I have an out-of-town visitor, the top 3 things they should do in Yamhill Valley are…:Spend Money. Enjoy their visit. Tell their friends.

Yamhill Valley really needs…: A group for people ages 21-40 who live or work in Yamhill Valley and who have a job OR want a job and work for someone else OR work for themselves and want to meet and connect with other peers in our community and are looking for an awesome social/networking group…  Oh hey look at that, Good Job!

Ben Jaquith partners with George Fox University in providing internships at the Ben Jaquith Agency – American Family Insurance.  He has a bright, fun personality that shines in many different ways from the raps that he writes and performs publicly, the super heroes he hires for events, the games at Tunes on Tuesday over the summer (he makes wickedly awesome balloon animals), and the awesomeness he brings to the Old Fashioned Festival Parade.

Ben is the reason we have the partnership with Newberg Early Bird Rotary and for that, we thank you.