On March 31st, 62 Young Pros gathered at Dark Horse Wine Bar in Newberg.

We dined on The Rogue Gourmet’s killer menu of … for only $8 each.  What an awesome deal!  Thank you Janet and Martin Bleck!

  • Korean Chicken Sliders on Sesame Buns
  • Cauliflower Cheddar Dip
  • Ground Lamb Kefta Skewers with Tzatziki
  • Lemon Thyme Marinated Mushrooms
  • Salad Bites with Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato, Bacon, and Buttermilk Blue Cheese

We drank yummy wine (well MOST of us did) from Medici and Sinean.  Thank you to Dan for bringing in the extra help.

We met LOTS of new people.  18 newbies graced us and seemed like they might come back 😉

We signed up for events.  More at the bottom.

Then, we talked.  Openly about Profession Progression.

I know, but I had to call it something.  Esther Frank spoke of her rise to her current position.  Starting at Dairy Queen at 15 and quickly became the Assistant Manager – all the way to Commercial Loans for Oregon First Community Credit Union.  She credits her progression primarily to the ability to…

  • always ask question
  • find a mentor
  • never see a roadblock for her path

Nate Travers of Rendered talked about going from 150 square feet to 200 times the rent (I think that’s a little high Nate), adding employees, and things to remember.  He said to…

  • hire a professional to do your taxes, payroll, etc is worth it
  • take the plunge and hire an employee – you’ll figure out how to pay them and give them work
  • admit your mistakes

Erienne Minnieweather of Mode du Jour talked about starting as a dancer, then model, then going into beauty school, then onto being a salon owner with multiple independent contractors.  Her main points were…

  • when the decisions/changes make you uncomfortable – don’t back down – just do them – they always work out
  • take care of your customers and get their feedback
  • don’t be afraid to do it your way and pave your path – even in the face of haters (which can be motivating)

Megan Carda of Lifestyle Properties talked about her recent adventure in opening her first vacation rental.  She talked about realizing opportunity, mixed with her passion for hospitality, and hard work to achieve her goals.  Congrats Megan!

Josh Brown of LPKF talked about the importance of visualizing your life 5 years from now and shaping your career around that. Entrepreneurship often doesn’t lend to a family lifestyle where working for someone and getting a steady paycheck can relieve a lot of stress.  Doing the 90 hour week hustle doesn’t work for families most of the time.

Lauren Wylie of Above the Press mentioned how that 90 hour a week hustle, especially coupled with working for someone else, comes naturally when you LOVE what you do.

Katie Weaver of Open Hands Massage talked about how an introvert sometimes plans to be in a comfortable position for the rest of their life and then someone can come along and shove you into the deep end where you have to swim, adjust, make a decision to do something new.  So no getting too comfy!

Francisco Stoller of The Kelly Group Keller Williams talked about being in a job that made his life miserable.  It worked as a bachelor but as he needs changed and he realized he had no passion for water damage and sewage and carpet cleaning, he got his business partner drunk and asked him to buy him out.  Now he is happier with his career, time at home, and his overall quality of life has greatly improved.

Dawn Sheets of 1000 Business (JK like 5) talked about not being afraid to try something out.  Her phrase – borrowed from Nike – JUST DO IT.

I, Kristen Stoller of Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, talked about the value of volunteering and joining committees to validate and support your brand.

Many of you added your wisdom, nodded your head, or stared blankly into your wine glass (I’ll assume deeeeeep in thought).  I really enjoyed this format and am working on the next few meetings having topics relevant to our demographic.

Have more thoughts?  Comment below.  If you aren’t signed up – sign up!

Special Olympics Summer Games Newberg July 11/12/13

  1. Chris Fanger
  2. Lauren Wylie
  3. Megan Carda
  4. Jesse Lamm
  5. Katie Weaver
  6. Lacy Gray
  7. Ossie Bladine
  8. Adam Garvin
  9. Michelle Woolheiser
  10. Joylin Kent
  11. Cole Rogers
  12. Ryan Howard
  13. Ethan Ackerlund

Newberg Brews/BBQs July 25/26

  1. Ryan Howard
  2. Chris Fanger
  3. Josh Brown
  4. Lauren Wylie
  5. Megan Carda
  6. Alex Collins
  7. Dawn Sheets
  8. Jessica Reber
  9. Ben Jaquith
  10. Heath Cornick
  11. Brooke Anderson
  12. Katie Weaver
  13. Adam Garvin
  14. Justin Sainton
  15. Jessica Kinion
  16. Jessica Pelz
  17. Erika Bowen
  18. Issac Bowen
  19. Lynden Carnahan
  20. Jake Ramirez
  21. Rich Brown
  22. Cole Rogers
  23. Sara Hill
  24. Amber Jeffrey
  25. Vangie Pattison
  26. Derek Woodard
  27. Amy Coleman

Walnut City Music Festical August 15/16 Granary District McMinnville

  1. Chris Fanger
  2. Amanda Neubig
  3. Katie Weaver
  4. Lauren Wylie
  5. Brooke Anderson
  6. Kristen Stoller
  7. Francisco Stoller
  8. Rich Brown

Oregon Brews/BBQs September 5/6/7 Granary District McMinnville

  1. Adam Garvin
  2. Katie Weaver
  3. Alex Collins
  4. Jenn Fideler
  5. Cole Rogers

Oktoberfest September 19/20 in Newberg

  1. Jessica Kinion
  2. Megan Carda
  3. Katie Weaver
  4. Alexander Collins
  5. Collin Bonsey
  6. Hanna Dufour
  7. Ali Toedtemeier
  8. Mia Feller
  9. Megan Vonderstrasse
  10. Sara Hill
  11. Ryan Howard
  12. Amber Jeffrey
  13. Enne M.
  14. Max. M
  15. Kali Martin
  16. Robby Larson

Next Meeting is April 28th at Nick’s Back Room and we are BOOKED solid!  Let me know if you want to be on the wait list.

Check meeting page for the June 2nd info.

-Kristen, Young Pro Chair