Make sure you pick up your copy of the Young Pros pullout of the News Register from last Friday

Last meeting – did you like the format? Let me know.



  • 35 people attended
  • 11 were first timers
  • Grain Station Brew Works Monday Jan. 27th 6 – 8 pm
  • They extended Happy Hour pricing to us and that was fantastic
  • We tried a new format that included a longer intro by each member including committees and volunteer experience, followed by general survey and questions.

What we learned:

  • 1/5 of us work for a family owned business
  • ½ of us word for a small business
  • Most of us commute but within the valley (except for a couple)
  • A couple of us work for non-profits
  • A handful of us are business owners
  • All but 3 of us have college degrees
  • Nearly all of us with college degrees are working within that field

What we talked about:

Challenges we face as a Young Pro

  • Age discrimination
  • Lower pay (regardless of qualifications/experience)
  • Get asked to carry heavier loads for free (we’re ‘new in the game’ etc.)


  • Customer follow-up
  • Rules regulations
  • Details when you’re a “big picture” person

Favorite events in the Valley (we don’t need to go to Portland for good times)

  • Walnut City Music Festival
  • Brews/BBQ’s Newberg July
  • Brews/BBQ’s McMinnville August
  • Sun Sets @ Anne Amie 5 – 9:30pm Fridays in July/August

Why we volunteer

  • No direct business benefit
  • Reinforces your personal brand
  • The joy it brings
  • Being civic minded is important for business
  • When we don’t have time we do what we can by donating money
  • Pick a cause you’re passionate about
  • Pick a cause close to home


Save the date: Monday Feb. 24th @ Anne Amie Vineyards

We are taking headshots for our marketing and branding.  More info to follow…