On Monday Feb. 24th, 39 Young Pros met at Anne Amie Vineyards.

Luke Mathews hosted with complimentary wine; Nate Travers, Ryan Howard, and Meredith Bell helped with pizza prep and wine; Lauren Wylie took photos of us for our branding; and we had a good ol’ time.

Fill out your profile and send it to me so I can put you on blast.  Attach photo.

Jessica Payne provided us with a thorough guide to volunteer opportunities in the valley.

Luke gave us some tips and wisdom regarding hosting events for clients.  Here are some takeaways.

  1. You want your clients/attendees to leave knowing more about you/your brand
  2. Use your event to gather data (i.e. bdays to send bday cards, addresses for personalized thank you’s)
  3. Spend the time for handwritten thank you’s after each interaction to turn current clients into future clients
  4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew (number of people, food/bev offered etc)
  5. Always have a contingency plan (for weather, emergencies)
  6. Never let on that something isn’t going as planned
  7. Cater it yourself and staff it with friends
  8. Budget money toward your venue so that people want to be there.  Plants to make it feel homey, art, paint the walls, keep it clean and organized.
  9. Don’t be afraid to host at home.  Opening your home let’s clients see your comfort and expands their understanding of your brand.
  10. Think local, do it yourself, and hire Ben Rice.

 Justin Sainton of Zao Web Design sponsored the pizza (THANK YOU!)

Lauren Wylie walked us through our branding strategy for Young Pros and how the photos will play in to that.  Remember to like our Facebook page – we will upload the album there for you to tag yourself.

You signed up for our volunteer events.  Not listed?  Comment below.

Special Olympics Summer Games Newberg July 11/12/13

  1. Chris Fanger
  2. Lauren Wylie
  3. Megan Carda
  4. Jesse Lamm
  5. Katie Weaver
  6. Lacy Gray
  7. Ossie Bladine
  8. Adam Garvin
  9. Michelle Woolheiser

Newberg Brews/BBQs July 25/26

  1. Ryan Howard
  2. Chris Fanger
  3. Josh Brown
  4. Lauren Wylie
  5. Megan Carda
  6. Alex Collins
  7. Dawn Sheets
  8. Jessica Reber
  9. Ben Jaquith
  10. Heath Cornick
  11. Brooke Anderson
  12. Katie Weaver
  13. Adam Garvin
  14. Justin Sainton

Walnut City Music Festical August 15/16 Granary District McMinnville

  1. Chris Fanger
  2. Amanda Neubig
  3. Katie Weaver
  4. Lauren Wylie
  5. Brooke Anderson
  6. Kristen Stoller
  7. Francisco Stoller

Oregon Brews/BBQs September 5/6/7 Granary District McMinnville

  1. Adam Garvin
  2. Katie Weaver
  3. Alex Collins

Not listed? Comment below.  More details to follow.

See you next month details tbd.

-Kristen Stoller, Chair