Young Pros of Yamhill Valley…You’re Invited

Monday Feb. 24th from 6 – 8pm

Anne Amie Vineyards

6580 NE Mineral Springs Rd, Carlton, OR 97111

RSVP to Kristen via facebook, email ( or text 503.409.2338.


  1. FREE Wine (thank you Anne Amie and Luke!)
  2. Wood-fired pizza ($8 cash please!)
  3. This is how we brand…Hosted by Above the Press (Lauren Wylie)
  4. This is how we host…Hosted by Luke Matthews 

This is how we brand…Young Pros…Hosted by Above the Press (Lauren Wylie) 

At this meeting, throughout the night, we will be taking 2 professional headshots of all us Young Pros for use in our branding and marketing.  A more “professional” shot and then a more stylized/personalized/fun shot.  There is NO CHARGE for this.  If you want to use the images – there will be a small fee…and trust me, you’ll want to use them.

  • Wear: something professional (shocker) that relates to your industry or something more business-like.
  • Men: Collared shirts for men are a good idea but obviously not required.  We will photo you regardless.  Ties/bowties/vests are nice too.
  • Women: Blouse, dress, fancy top…
  • Tips: no prints, no white…
  • Velour Fashion will provide some accessories for the 2nd shot – the fun one.

We will use these shots (with your permission) on our website, in print, marketing, and overall branding of the group.

This is how we host…or rather – how we should host…Hosted by Luke Matthews

Young Pros today are watching personal human interaction increasingly becoming replaced with impersonal digital interaction. Throwing customer or corporate events is a way to bring people together rather than continuing exhausting email chains or tedious meetings. At the next gathering of the Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley, we will discuss planning and executing effective events that will build stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

Don’t miss out!  Bring a friend, co-worker, spouse or stranger.  See you there.

-Kristen Stoller, Co-Chair