Hey Young Pros!

We had another awesome (sold out) meeting in Nick’s Backroom last Monday (YUM). Thank you to everyone who RSVPed and participated, again we had tons of energy in the room with a forum and discussion on “Networking” by staying relevant without turning people off. A lot of ideas were thrown out with the overall consensus emphasizing the importance of “Relationship Building” vs “Networking.” Kristen brought up an article highlighting some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to presenting yourself at a networking event. Here were a few of some general thoughts mentioned:

-Kristen Stoller: Don’t make it a goal to generate a certain amount of leads when heading to an event (you’ll seem pushy, desperate and turn everyone off), instead focus on getting to know someone and their business. You’ll seem warm and approachable, eventually the conversation will turn in your direction and people will be curious about you and your business.

-Robby Larson: Building a relationship will lead to building trust (assuming you’re trustworthy and people can see it), which will eventually lead to tapping into other people’s social network for referrals. Even though Robby has zero interest in dancing, he’s connected to a large network of families that because he has a business relationship with Kristen he would be willing to refer her services.

-Francisco Stoller: Longevity – Continue to show face, it will take more than one, two or ten times in front of the same crowd before people genuinely feel comfortable enough around you to begin to trust you with your services.

-Ryan Howard: Get Involved – Being connected with your community is a very important facet of your image, particularly separating yourself from being someone who is only looking out for #1.

-Alex Collins: Don’t suck at what you do. Live up to what you say you’re going to do. You can be a fantastic networker but if you lack in follow-thru your relationships won’t matter.

-Ben Jaquith: Even if you’re uncomfortable in a large social setting, make it goal to find someone who appears as uncomfortable or more than you and introduce yourself and engage them. It benefits them and you!

-Jake Ramirez: Regardless of the size of networking event, make it a goal to develop one relationship.

Thank you to everyone who contributed (there were a lot more ideas generated)!


Our next meeting will be at the brand new and fancy “Barrel 47” in Carlton (Barrel47.com) and we will have a discussion about managing your online presence led by Josh Brown of Rise Marketing.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RSVP via Facebook or Email so we can reserve your spot. Again, the last two have SOLD OUT so RSVP sooner rather than later (like today, stop being a procrastinating Young Pro…).

-Young Pros Chair