April Meeting Wrap Up: Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley


Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley wins again.

Thank you Megan Carda and LifeStyle Properties for hosting. Your killer vacation rental was totally badass.  Loved the decor and layout and that VIEW! Also, the outdoor rooms. Yum.  I need to schedule a party.  And thanks for the Wine too! You’re the best.

Round table FUN TIME







A Vintage Soiree swanked up the place with the gorgeous settees and special touches.  Loved THAT.

A Vintage Soiree Decor
A Vintage Soiree Decor

Francisco Stoller provided beer and some food. Thank you! You just want everyone to have a good time and I love that. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you.  Hottest real estate agent I know.



Francisco leading the table 5 Volunteerism Topic group
Francisco leading the table 5 Volunteerism Topic group

We round table topic’d again and you liked it! Again.  I know with the large group and layout it was a little bit of a challenge to maneuver the rotations, but I think that overall it was a success.

Round Table Topics
1. What is your perception of your neighbor city?
2. What is your favorite Yamhill Valley event and why? An event that is outdated? And event that we should have?
3. What is your worst business mistake?
4. How do you spend your lunch hour?
5. Do you volunteer and how?/Why?
6. What is an essential app/tool/program that you use everyday?
7. How does location effect your business?
8. What is an outside influence that helped to shape who you are today from when you were a teen?

Nate holding down Group 3
Nate holding down Group 3


I have a great idea for the next time we do this.

Until then, put Monday June 1st on your calendar, where we are going to meet at Fox Farm Vineyards Tasting Room – downtown Newberg from 6 – 8.  See you there!

Kristen Stoller, Chair


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