October Recap: PANTS is the man

Welp – that meeting was awesome.

Lynn Wygandt graciously hosted us at her place Windrose Conference Center in Newberg.  The place had perfect

Windrose Conference Center
Windrose Conference Center

facilities for us.  Food and wine were in one room, a gorgeous sitting room worked as our sign in, and the upstairs housed our meeting.  Dan Slick of Slicks Big Time BBQ NAILED the delicious pork, turkey, and brisket sandwiches with killer cornbread and slaw and my favorite beans.  Four Graces poured glasses of pinot gris and pinot noir.

Justin “Christmas” Sainton sponsored our dinner and first beverage of the night.  THANK YOU!  He is the owner of Zao Web Development and lives in Mac.  Check out his profile under Member Profiles.

And thennnnnn….Pants spoke!  Andy Banton, better known as Pants, talked about his career path starting from young kid who made his own lunches and rode the city bus to school, through his rock n’ roll days, and ending with his current position at Dish Network and the desire to pursue another passion.  He was FUNNY, said the F word TWICE, and kept our attention for longer than most of us can normally handle.  He talked about how we are all “in the people business.”  “It doesn’t REALLY matter how much you know or how good you are at it – what matters is how you make people feel.”  Put that in your pipe and smoke it (after July 1st).

Pants at one of his first ever sound gigs
Pants at one of his first ever sound gigs

NEXT MEETING/LAST MEETING for Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley of the Year:

Monday Nov. 24th @ The Old Oak Downtown McMinnville 6-8pm

Speaker: Mark Wickman

RSVP to kristen@ypofyamhillvalley.com



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